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Dani Woodward

Alias: Danni Woodward, Sara Renee Combest, Danielle Woodward, Danni Woodrow

Pays: United States

Née: 1984-03-07

œil: Green

Cheveu: Red

La taille: 165

Poids: 55

Seins: Natural

Des vues: 3.5K

Dani Woodward vidéos

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AVN Award winner 2005: Best Three-Way Sex Scene.

Appeared on the TV show 'Porno Valley'.

She states herself as being a lesbian and was in a relationship with a woman at the time of her retirement.
Before joining the adult industry, Woodward graduated from a vocational school and worked as a medical assistant at a hospital. She moved from Detroit to Los Angeles to work in the industry.

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